Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast



From Zimbabwe and the Clearwater cooperative Estate, this tea is unique and special in that the decaffeination is done at the tea estate while the tea is in the green leaf stage. The benefits are that the tea is processed as normal tea after being decaffeinated resulting in the best decaff tea available anywhere in the world. The tea retains the bright colour and the full bodied character. It has fooled many prfessional tea tasters who cannot believe that this is a decaffeinated tea.

Other decaffeiated teas which are processed after the tea has been made tend to have an undersirable character. For instance the co2 process decaff teas tend to have a fruity character and the methyl chloride or ethyl acetate teas tend to have a chemical or medicinal aftertaste. This tea has none of these characteristics.

All tea is sold in 1/4 pound weight.

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