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Jasmine Slivering Balls are hand rolled and hand tied. The method used to make these special Jasmine tea balls is:

* they begin with specially selected tea leaves (Leaves that are long and mottled white),

* the leaves are then tied together and the centre leaves are cut and the outer leaves remain long,

* the outer leaves are then carefully and painstakingly rolled into a tight ball.

* the tea is steamed and dried with fresh Jasmine flowers which impart the delicate flavour and aroma.

The dry leaf appearance of the tea balls is tending towards a mottled and white appearance, indicating very early new season tea and extremely careful plucking and manufacture. (New season tea of this quality is rare and only available for 2-3 weeks each year!)

When you place a Jasmine ball in your cup you will see the outer leaves begin to uncurl. Once the infusion time is complete the tea looks like a chrysanthemum flower with long petals on the outside and the short petals on the inside. The chrysanthemum implies tranquillity, beauty, longevity and health..

Some active ingredients in Green Tea are:

To Use:

To enjoy this special tea, take 1 ball, place this in your cup, pour hot water (about 180’F or 80’C) into the cup and allow the tea to infuse – Do Not Remove the Leaves After Infusing – . Contemplate life and enjoy a rare Chinese Jasmine Tea. If you wish to have another cup of tea, simply pour more water on the leaves and allow to infuse for another 1-3 minutes. The traditional Chinese method of drinking this tea would be to use the leaves 3-5 times and discuss philosophy with a close friend.

All tea is sold in 1/4 pound weight.

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