La Pavoni Grotto



A new la Pavoni masterpiece.

For home or light use commercial.

Small in size but big in technology.  The Giotto is la Pavoni’s first dual boiler
espresso machine suitable for  home or small commercial applications.
Packaged is a high gloss stainless steel case the Giotto features 2 boilers to
separately handle the steam and espresso functions.  Each has its own PID
control so you can accurately dial in a precise temperature.  Cool touch
wands feature plastic inserts, no more burnt fingers!

Further standard feature include multiple
gauges that monitor boiler pressure,
group pressure, boiler pressure and pump
Pressure.   The Giotto uses a rotary motor
(not a vibration pump) The E-61 commercial
58 MM group  serves up creamy espresso .

Giotto Specifications
1 lit. copper heat exchanger boiler
2.4 lit copper hot water boiler
2.9 liter fresh water reservoir
58 mm E-61 Group
Rotary motor
Group pressure gauge
Pump pressure gauge
Boiler pressure gauge.
2 heating elements (1520W total)
Single serving portafilter
Double serving portafilter
Cool touch wands
Re-set thermostats
ASI 304 stainless steel body
W13”x H16”x D17”
V120/1520 Watts-  Net.  53 lbs
ETL Certified

Made In Italy