Dual Boiler: A 1-liter steam boiler and 300ml brew boiler offer simultaneous brewing and steaming.

Steam, Optional: A focus on brew temp stability keeps the steam optional, only at pressure when you need it.

PID Control: Dedicated brew and steam circuit PIDs offer excellent temperature management, and can be adjusted to-the-degree.

Soft Pre-Infusion: The Silvia Pro X brings adjustable, low-pressure pre infusion for improved shot quality.

Shot Timer: The front-facing PID screen doubles as a shot timer when brewing.

Auto On: A programmable wake-up time lets you set and save the next time you’ll need another cup.

Premium Portafilter: The Silvia Pro X also features the upgraded stainless portafilter from the Rancilio Specialty.

What’s included with the Silvia Pro X

  • Double spouted portafilter
  • 1 single insert basket
  • 1 double insert basket
  • 58mm metal + wood tamper (flat base)
  • Rubber back flush disc.
  • In tank softening cartridge
  • Instruction manual
  • Group brush
  • Cleaning tablets
    Height 15.3 in.
    Width 9.8 in.
    Depth 16.5 in.
    Cup Clearance Adjustable 3-4 in.
    Weight NA
    Voltage 120 V
    Amperage 15 or 20 A
    Wattage 1000 W
    Outlet Requirements 60 Hz / 110 V (Some Exceptions Apply)
    Other Specifications
    Boiler(s) Material NA
    Boiler Size .3 / 1 L
    Certifications None
    Reservoir Size 2 L

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs