Rancilio Silvia M


We will include 2 pounds of our Espresso to get you started!


Rancilio Group North America is pleased to offer the Silvia M model. This updated Silvia takes energy efficiency seriously. The new thermal wrapped boiler helps the Silvia M conserve up to 8% energy in stand-by mode. Advancements in brass technology have enabled Rancilio to use the newest version of lead-free brass to improve the Silvia.

The Silvia M also features a new power switch and indicator lights. A green light will indicate the machine is on and the orange-yellow light on indicates when the heating element is on.



  • New style drip tray
  • New style group assembly
  • New adjustable expansion valve (set the maximum brew pressure you desire)
  • More attractive group cover
  • Commercial articulating steam wand with new 1 hole steam tip
  • Contoured steam knob
  • Double spout 58 mm ergonomic commercial portafilter
  • Two portafilter inserts (one single & one double)
  • Wrapped boiler for energy efficiency
  • New power switch with indicator lights.
  • Identification
    Model Rancilio Silvia V4 1 Group EE\Semi-Automatic
    Manufacturer Rancilio
    Best Use Home \ Office espresso machine
    Automation EE \ Semi-Automatic
    Boiler Single Boiler (0.3 liter) thermal wrapped
    Cup Size Traditional Cup
    Groups 1 Group
    Plumbing Reservoir (2.0 liter)
    Convenience / Functionality
    Drain Tray New style drip tray
    Hot Water Spigot 1 Stainless steel hot water spigot
    Controls New power switch and indicator lights
    Steam Arms 1 Commerical articulating stainless steel steam arm with new 1 hole steam tip.
    Height 13.75 inches \ 34.9 centimters
    Width 9.25 inches \ 23.5 centimeters
    Depth 11.25 inches \ 28.6 centimeters
    Weight 30 pounds \ 13.6 kilograms
    Amps \ Volts 15 Amps \ 110 Volts
    Watts 1100
    Colors \ Options
    Colors Polished stainless steel
    Options PID controller.
    Features New adjustable expansion valve. (You can now set the maximum brew pressure YOU desire.) New more attractive group cover. New style group assembly. Contoured steam knob.
    Includes Double spout 58 mm ergonomic commercial portafilter. Two portafilter inserts (one single & one double), 1 rubber backflush disk, 1 scoop.
    RAN-01 All specifications are subject to change without notice.


    • 1 58mm ergonomic chrome plated brass portafilter with insert basket
    • 1 double 14g insert basket
    • 1 plastic 7g measuring scoop
    • 1 rubber back flush disk
    • 1 58mm wooden tamper
    • 1 hole steam tip