Top 5 Reasons to Buy Coffee Online

When you order coffee online from a well-established, reputable website, like The Daily Grind, the whole process is a pleasure. You place your order online, it’s confirmed, and then a couple days later, you receive your bags of freshly roasted coffee via UPS. If you enjoy online shopping and the convenience of getting stuff delivered to your front door on a regular basis, then buying coffee online could become as habit-forming as coffee itself–in a good way, of course! If you’re thinking about making a purchase from The Daily Grind’s online coffee store, here are five good reasons to take the plunge!

  1. It’s unbelievably convenient! Unless you’re one of those rare people who enjoys battling traffic, circling the block looking for a parking spot, and waiting in line at checkout counters, then buying coffee online is the way to go! If you order your coffee on a regular basis, then you may never have to experience that panicky feeling of crawling out bed, trudging bleary eyed to the kitchen, and discovering–to your horror–that there’s only a half a scoop of coffee left in the coffee bin! [Cue sound effects from the shower scene in the movie “Psycho”].
  2. Superior quality and freshness: The Daily Grind is one of the few independently owned-and-operated cafes that roasts its own coffee beans right on the premises. You can always look forward to coffee beans that are freshly roasted and promptly shipped to your home or office. When you buy coffee beans from grocery store shelves or other online coffee stores, there’s no guarantee of experiencing that same burst of freshness, aroma, and flavor. (Be right back…I was just seized by an inexplicable craving for another cup of hot, fresh coffee.)
  3. And speaking of guarantees… Do you ever get struck by “analysis paralysis” when you’re considering buying something online? “What if I don’t like it? What if I want my money back?” If your mind is swimming with too many unanswered “what ifs”, then chances are you’ll talk yourself out of completing an online purchase (or even starting it, for that matter). When you buy coffee online from the Daily Grind, however, all those fears are addressed by their 30-day buyer remorse program. It provides the assurance that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of their coffee beans, they will take it back and refund your money. That quality assurance guarantee removes the element of risk from buying coffee online–which makes it infinitely more fun!
  4. Awesome selection and variety! I don’t usually use the word “awesome” to describe something, but in this case, I’ll make an exception! (Admittedly, I might be too old to get away with using the word awesome. After all, I was around when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964.) But getting back to my point about coffee bean variety, you can order some of the best-tasting coffee from around the world at the Daily Grind’s website.
    • Colombian Excelso Organic & Fair Traded
    • Costa Rican Tarrazu Organic and Fair Traded
    • El Salvador “Rain Forest Safe” coffee
    • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Organic & Fair Traded
    • Guatemala Antigua coffee
    • Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee
    • Mexicans Chiapas Fair Trade Organic
    • Sumatra Mandheling Organic & Fair Traded
  5. You can grind your own…or have them do it for you! If you’re a purist, then you probably grind your own coffee beans so that you can release a veritable explosion of flavors, aromas, and/or citrus and herbal notes waiting to burst forth from those magical little beans! (No, I didn’t just complete a correspondence course in creative writing!) However… you also have the option of having your coffee beans ground for you just prior to shipping. Your choices include getting them ground for espresso, for a paper filter, or for using a permanent filter. (By the way, you can buy coffee grinders at the Daily Grind’s online coffee store, too!)

I do believe there’s such as thing as too much information, so I’m going to wrap up my “Top-10 list” at #5. I’m sure I’ll think of more additions, but I’ll save them for a future blog post. So until next time…make sure to avoid information overload, analysis paralysis, and overnight stays at the Bate’s Motel.

by Joel Sussman, guest blogger

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