Kambaa Estate-Kenya



A rich full bodied black tea with malty flavor. The cup is thick and lively.

Grade:BP1 (Broken Pekoe one)
Kambaa is one of the premiere factories of the Keny tea Devlopment Agency (KTDA). Each factory in the KTDA relies on the small holder (small individual family farms units) to provide the green leaf for the making of black tea.Within the the KTDA there are 150,000 small holders sypplying green leaf to 39 factories scattered throughout the tea growing districts of Kenya. Despite such a divers supply of green leaf to the various factories there is a very rigid quality control mechanisms in place which ensure that farmers tender top quality produce. Kambaa is consistently within the tip 4 quality tea estates of the KTDA and indeed Kenya

Tea is a very important product for Kenya. The industry provides employment for several hundred thousand people from the small holders through to the steamhip compaines that transport the tea around the globe. Tea is a relative newcomer to the Kenyan agricultural scene. Tea was started by British planters after the WWW II. Many of these planters were feeling unwanted in India and migrated to Kenya. Dispite a ban on the transfer of plants and information, these planters smuggled Indian plants into Kenya. The plants thrived in the Kenya climate and today Kenya is the world’s second largest exporter of tea.
All tea is sold in 1/4 pound weight.

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Weight .25 lbs


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